Felt & Flannel

Felt Storyboards

Young children learn through play, and they remember stories through acting them out and retelling them.  Felt & Flannel storyboards are South Haven Press’s newest product to help with this.    As with the Clothespin People, my first priority in making storyboards was to tell Bible stories.  In fact these storyboards were invented for a preschool playgroup that I run at my church.  Families receive new pieces each week to reinforce the Bible story that we are learning.   As I complete the development of large sets, I will make them available for sale here.   

The first storyboard set, “In the Beginning…” contains pieces to tell Bible stories from the first 11 chapters of Genesis.  This includes creation, Adam and Eve, the Fall, Cain and Abel, Noah and ark, and the Tower of Babel.  It should be available in early May, 2022.  The second set, “Patriarchs,” will cover the remainder of the stories in the book of Genesis and should be ready by the end of June.   I have many other ideas for future themes: as well.  “On the Farm”,  “At the Zoo,”  and “My Family”  are currently in the idea stage. 

How do they work? Felt shapes naturally stick to the flannelette board.   Children can use their imagination to tell stories with these figures.  Clothes are not attached, so they can “change outfits”.    Special pieces open in some way, giving extra play value.  For example, the animals all go inside Noah’s ark., and the baskets can hold different items  such as apples, hay, and vegetables. 

The Felt and Flannel storyboards are self-contained.  The double-sided (blue and black) board folds up and fits inside a zippered storage pouch along with the background pieces.  A second zippered compartment can hold large pieces and a separate zippered pouch holds the smaller bits.  Speaking of smaller bits, some are really quite small, so this is not a suitable toy for children who put things in their mouths as it could be a choking hazard.  Made in a home with a cat.


Pizza Play Food

It didn’t seem like such a big jump to go from making felt storyboards to felt pizza.  I guess I wanted to see if it was possible.  Do you remember playing restaurant, complete with menu and play food?  I bet your kids like to do that as well.  Imagine if you could actually have the ingredients to make a pizza to order?  Imagine if your children could practice matching patterns by making pizza in their play kitchen.  Imagine a wipe-off order sheet that can be used again and again…. Well, I did and here it is!


This pizza has six saucy slices. Add the toppings as you like to make your pizza your way.