I have always loved miniatures and models, so when our history curriculum (Story of the World) suggested making a Nile river bed, our history co-op jumped at the chance. The purpose of the activity was to explain how the flooding river watered the surrounding land and allowed crops to grow. Our riverbed flourished with grass, and then we needed people and boats to put alongside our river to make it more realistic. And that is how the historical line of Clothespin People came to be. Here are some photos of our earliest efforts. The dolls in the By the River Nile kit look a bit more realistic than these.

After the Egyptians, came the Greeks and then the Romans, and we made dolls for each of these time periods as well. We discovered that clementine crates are exactly the right size to make houses for our dolls, so we took off one side of each crate and made “clay” roofs with corrugated cardboard. The kids had a wonderful time, each making their own people and house and then fashioning pottery and food out of modelling clay. We had a lot of fun with these Romans, and I thought others might too, so I made the Romans and Roman Soldiers kits. The weapons and armour are even removeable!

We made many other historical Clothespin People during our homeschool co-op days, but the only other kits that I have made up so far are a Pioneer Family and Pioneer Couple. As time goes by, and I learn more about how to make these little people, the kits get a bit more sophisticated, and require a bit more effort to put them together. These ones include a tiny bit of sewing.

I am currently working on a Crusader Knight kit. It will include a crusader with removeable armor and a horse that he can ride. I am hoping to have it ready for March of 2021.