Clothespin People: Romans


Ancient Romans

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This is a great addition to history studies of the ancient Romans!  The kit includes supplies to make Caesar, two Roman soldiers and two Roman women. The soldiers both have shields and weapons that can be played with and removeable helmets! The women have their hair piled high and an assortment of pots. Also included are supplies to make a bed and table, mosaic floor and roof for a model Roman house.

This kit is moderately difficult.  Some sewing is required to make the clothes, and the women’s hairdos are a bit tricky.

Materials and tools required: wooden clementine crate (eat the oranges and then reuse the container!), a piece of boxboard, tacky glue, sharp scissors (to cut fabric), straight pins, needle and thread, paint brush, glue gun and glue sticks.  A sewing machine is optional.

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