In the Beginning… Bundle


A storyboard starter set with flannelboard, bag and backgrounds and stories from the beginning of Genesis


This felt storyboard bundle has everything that you need to tell Bible stories from the beginning of Genesis (creation – Noah’s ark).  The foundational piece is the double-sided flannel board.  One side is black and the other is blue.  This board will be used for all Felt & Flannel stories.  Two different backgrounds provide you with all the outdoor settings you will need for Bible stories.  The water can be placed behind the grass to show a small lake or pond.  The river is a road on the opposite side, and the flannel tree and bushes are olive green on one side and apple green on the other.  Storyboard figures can be stored inside the mesh bag, and everything fits inside the zippered storage bag.

This bundle contains great value, as it includes all of the pieces from the In the Garden and Noah’s Ark play sets as well as extra pieces to teach the days of creation and the story of Cain and Abel.  I have tried to include as much play value as possible in this set.   Many of the pieces are double sided, and the baskets can hold different products.  The animals all fit inside of the ark.

This Beginnings…. Bundle includes 59 pieces: double-sided flannel board, two storage bags, water/sand and grass backgrounds, river/road, double-sided flannel tree, 2 bushes, oval basket, bushel basket, hay and vegetables, felt tree with 5 fruit, spiky bush, ark, altar/well, sun, moon, 5 stars, 2 clouds, rainbow, two men and one woman with robes for each, fig leaf and hide clothing for Adam and Eve, angel with a flaming sword and a snake, and a pair of each of the following: doves, ravens, fish, camels, lions, sheep, elephants

Warning: This product contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 or who put things in their mouths. Product was made in a home with a cat.

Additional information

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 39 × 32 × 5 cm
Bag Colour

Black, Navy Blue, Red, Pink


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