Joseph Play Set


This 36 piece play set includes felt figures and props to tell the story of Joseph and his brothers.


This 37-piece play set includes the basic figures to tell the story of Joseph and his brothers.  As with all of the people in the Bible Story series, the people have a front and a back, and the clothes are removeable.  Think of them as paper dolls or actors on a stage.  Change the outfit and you have a new character!   Turn the person around and put his clothes on backwards, and you have someone looking away from you rather than towards you.  People are available in two skin-tones: fair and medium.

If you also wish to tell the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Esau, you might find the Patriarchs Completer Set or the Genesis Bundle to be more appropriate.

Flannel board and backgrounds sold separately.  Product may not be exactly as shown.

Play set includes: 1 pyramids/mountains, 1 sun, 1 moon, 5 stars, 1 table/bed, 1 donkey, 2 goats, 2 sacks of grain, 1 platter of food, 3 loaves of bread, 1 silver goblet, 3 men, 1 woman, 3 robes, 3 shentis, 1 Egyptian gown, 2 golden collars, 1 neme, 1 staff, 2 money bags, and 1 mesh storage bag

Warning: This product contains small parts and is not suitable for children who put things in their mouths.

Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 26 × 1 cm
Skin Tone

pale, medium brown


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