Find a Face Masks that Fits!

Not all face masks are created equal, and yet we are all equally expected to wear them. 

Face masks don’t really fit in with my theme of educational resources, but this seemed like a good opportunity to be a blessing to my community. Covid 19 will likely be around for quite a while, and if face masks help us get back to some type of normal, we might as well have nice ones!

As I am out and about, I am always looking at people’s face masks to see how they fit. So often people are pulling at their mask because it is bothering them. Other masks are way too large or too small for the face that they are covering. And then there are the people who wear their mask only on their mouth or under their chin…

A face mask is a bit like a bicycle helmet: unless you wear it properly (and clean it regularly), it will not be of much use to you! A proper and comfortable fit go a long way to making it possible to function for long periods of time in a face mask. This is what I am hoping to achieve with these face masks. There are three different styles of face mask available. Click on this link for a full range of Face Mask Features.