Face Mask Features

A comfortable mask that you can wear all day long

I have worked hard to develop a mask that meets the current public health guidelines and is also comfortable to wear.  My design has gone through several variations, and I am quite happy with the current one.  Let me share with you some of its’ features.

Fabric Layers

First of all, masks are made from two layers of high quality 100% cotton fabric and are machine washable and dryable (I have recently discovered that it is wiser to hang masks to dry, as the dryer causes creases that need to be ironed out. Fabric is already pre-shrunk, so it will not change size in the washer/dryer).  Deluxe masks also have a filter pocket that you can add a third layer of protection to (current recommendations suggest using the fabric found in reusable shopping bags as a filter. It cannot be put in the dryer, or ironed, so I have not sewn the fabric into my masks, but you could easily enough purchase a reusable shopping bag and cut it up into filters that you hand wash).

Deluxe mask with filter pocket and nose wire

Deluxe masks feature a nose wire and filter pocket

Adjustable Ear Loops

Secondly, masks are held in place by soft nylon cord ear loops. This cord is just knotted, so you can retie it to the exact length that you need for a snug and comfortable fit. As this is not elastic, it will not break down in the laundry or lose its stretchiness. When ordering a mask, be sure that the ear loop length suggested is long enough for you. If your nose to ear length is longer than the size of mask you choose, please leave me a comment, and I will give you extra nylon cord to work with. A mask that is too tight will be uncomfortable. Also, if your ears are having a hard time with the elastic going behind them, I could also make the ear loop one continuous piece that goes behind your head and neck rather than your ears.

Nylon ear loops

Nylon ear loops can be retied to give an exact fit

Five Sizes to Choose From

Thirdly, these masks come in five different sizes (XS, S, M, L and XL Beardable). Think of buying a mask like purchasing a bra. You need to start with the correct cup size, and then you worry about the straps. If you purchase too large of a mask, it will cover your eyes. A mask that is too small will pop off of your face as you talk. Please visit the Finding the Right Fit page to help you select the correct mask.

5 sizes of face mask

Five sizes to choose from

Removeable Nose Wires

Lastly, I offer removeable aluminum nose wires to cut down on condensation for people who wear glasses. Nose wires are included in the deluxe masks as well as the nose wire masks. I used to recommend removing the nose wire to wash the mask, because I was worried it would get mangled in the washer (the wires I used to use actually poked out of the mask and landed in the bottom of the washing machine). In actual fact, these nose wire makes it through the wash in one piece, and regularly removing the nose wire will actually weaken the nose wire. Over time, however, the nose wires will break down and become less effective. Order a set of replacement nose wires, or simply use an opened paperclip as a nose wire when the original loses its effectiveness.

removeable nose wire

Removable aluminum nose wires or opened paperclips help reduce condensation on glasses


Thanks again for your great masks! My husband wears his all day at the garden centre and switches out at lunch . These are by far the best masks for all day outside (well inside as well) work! Thanks!” – customer from Owen Sound