Christmas is Coming!

It is that time of year again where people begin to think about how to celebrate Christmas.  I am working on a few new products this year to help you decorate and celebrate.

If you are wanting to celebrate the original meaning of Christmas and have young children, our Clothespin Nativity Kits will be a great tool for you.  As you make the dolls together, you can talk about who the people were and what each might have been thinking on that first Christmas night.  Once the glue has all dried, you can use the nativity set to act out the story.  The deluxe set now comes in a wooden box that doubles as a stable and storage.

Angel ornaments and Christmas Carollers are currently being developed and should be ready by the middle of November.  Here is a sneak peak of what they might look like!

The Origins of Clothespin People

I invented Clothespin People in 2002. I was looking for a nativity scene craft for a group of preschool children and wanted one that would be simple enough that they could participate in making it, and nice enough that the parents would keep it from year to year.  Our original dolls have had lots of use, and are still around today.  This photo shows the original Mary and Joseph.