Finding the Right Fit

Choosing the correct size of mask has little to do with your hat size, but everything to do with the distance from your nose to chin. Think of it like purchasing a bra. The fitted face masks fits like a cup over your nose and chin. Ideally, it should cover most of your nose and also have a tight fit to your chin.

The measurement chart suggests which size you should order. Please take the time to measure. A large head does not necessarily mean a large mask! You should order the mask according to your nose to chin (Measurement B) size. If you measure on the border between two sizes, it is probably best to order the smaller one. If you choose too large of a mask, it will cover your eyes and block your vision. If you choose too small of a mask, it will pop off when you talk.

If your nose to ear measurement shows a larger size than your nose to chin measurement, please let me know, and I will give you extra long ear loops so that you can have a comfortable fit. You can easily shorten these by tying them tighter, but you can’t make them longer.

One extra size is now available – XL Beardable. Measurements will be similar to size Large, but there is a bit of extra fabric and longer ear loops to accommodate a beard.